I am currently in production on my new feature length project Looking for Love.

It is a film about love and relationships between man and woman in the 21st century. Why are there so many single people of all ages out there? What is love? How do we keep a good relationship going?

We all need love but why do we sabotage the very thing we need?  What is the backdrop to our often dysfunctional behaviour and what does mum and dad have to do with it? I am going in real deep on this one, taking people to places many have never been before or rarely visit- in mind, body and soul.  I have got interviews with people who are single, in relationships, psychologists, relationships coaches, spoken word artists all giving real talk about the thing that really matters in our life.  It’s not all serious we got a number of interviews with comedians (Kojo, Eddie Kadi, Slim, Andi Osho, Mr Cee, and Donna Spence) which I guarantee you will have you in stitches.

It is an exciting journey that began shooting at Carnival 2013 and I am still shooting.  Taking me longer than usual shooting this film, but it is all good.  It is a bit like making a cake ensuring sure you put in all the right ingredients without rushing.  It will be the first ever British documentary on the subject surprisingly.  Male/ female relationships is a subject most British filmmakers reserve for the world of fiction rather than documentary.  I can see why because it can be seen as depressing – but just like love-making, it all depends on how you do it!

Can’t wait to get into the editing room.   Can’t wait until I can share the film with audiences in the cinemas all over the UK.  Currently projecting being ready for Valentine’s weekend 2015.

– Menelik