Greetings Family,

I am inviting you to my special online launch party on the 7th of September at 7pm GMT. It is a celebration of my work and 38 years in the film business. That’s what’s going on.

At my online party  you can view some of my films and trailers and inter-act with me personally. For two hours, at, I will be on hand answer your questions about my work or any related topic. Many of you are familiar with the individual films I have produced like BURNING AN ILLUSION and THE STORY OF LOVER’S ROCK, but how many of you know about my first film STEP FORWARD YOUTH or  TIME AND JUDGEMENT?

You will see some of my films for free on the site, and you can now buy my films in the comfort of your own home. My work is also for posterity to pass on from generation to generation, so that our stories are not forgotten. So that our next generations will know their past, the experience of their parents and Ancestors who have struggled and contributed so much. I expect, therefore, to find at least one of my films in your personal library. I have been one of the few chroniclers of our story on film, especially in the 70s and 80s, and this work is central to our understanding of where we are today.

On the 7th September, I will also be celebrating my 38 years anniversary of working in the film and TV industry. I am I really that old? The years seemed to have flashed by. I am truly blessed to be still standing and still making films.

Two weeks ago I was almost in a fatal car crash driving on the motorway minding my own business when car from the fast lane came into my lane without seeing me, I had to take evasive action at 70 mph that swung me across the motorway, car spins out of control as I try to compensate. I was expecting a hit from cars in the other lanes, as my car turns on itself and reverse into the protective fence, mashing up the entire back of the car. It was a write off !!

Fortunately both my wife and I survived with only whiplash and bruising. The fact that we didn’t get hit at all on a four lane motorway was a miracle in itself. I guess it wasn’t my time to go! So shower me with your blessing, on the 7th , let me have your feedback about the films, website, any technical problems etc, because your comments and continued relationship is very important to me.

So come with your glass of champagne, wine, juice, water or whatever tickles your fancy and enter into my online world.

Feel free to invite your friends! It’s an open party.