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Menelik Shabazz


Menelik Shabazz is an Award winning UK film director, producer, and writer – a key pioneer in the development of contemporary black British cinema. Born in St. John, Barbados, he is known for a number of films including Burning An Illusion, Catch A Fire, The Story of Lovers Rock, Looking for Love and many others. He is also founder of Sunra Studios, cofounder of CEDDO film collective; bfmmedia, a groundbreaking black filmmakers magazine and the bfm International Black Film Festival based in the UK

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My new documentary Pharaohs Unveiled is currently being screened at venues across the UK. The audience reception has been fantastic. Now, you can buy your own limited edition UK DVD of Pharaohs Unveiled directly from my website.

The digital version of Pharaohs Unveiled, is available worldwide and you can stream and download my other films and videos from Vimeo

Feel free to contact me through social media, by email or drop me a line through my website if you’d like to work together or to organize a screening for your group or community.

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Menelik Shabazz

Pharaohs Unveiled is a new documentary by Menelik Shabazz.

The secrets of the Kings and Queens of ancient Kemet are revealed in this unique supernatural documentary that takes you inside the world of the Pharaohs. The film combines interviews with input from the spirit world from Imhotep (father of medicine) Pharaohs Khufu, Akhenaton, alongside Queen Nefertiti and Henutsen. Through channeler/medium Neferatiti Ife, they bring to light the spirituality and science that enabled them to build pyramids and temples that continue to inspire the world.

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Music that defined a generation

from The Menelik Shabazz Collection

Burning An Illusion

A Classic Black British Film

from The Menelik Shabazz Collection